We are sad to announce that the Peabody Trio is disbanding after 30 years of joyous music-making. There will be still many wonderful musical projects awaiting each one of us, but we wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who have supported and listened to our performances over these few decades. We look back with gratitude at the audiences we met on 3 continents, the friendships forged, the close relationships with so many great living composers, the multitude of students we have had the privilege of mentoring (though that will not stop for each one of us individually), the recordings and festivals. Our children Pasha, Cordelia, Olivier and Eleanor forged lifelong friendships with one another as well. We want to thank our wonderful partners in crime, the great performers who collaborated with us: the finest violists, clarinetists, singers, and actors.
Thank you everyone, and see you soon!

Seth, Natasha and Violaine

Naxos recently published the Peabody Trio's recording of composer Harold Meltzer's Sindbad with late barytone John Shirley-Quirk! Listen

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